Caution: This tool will download complete copies of each book from For some books this will mean downloading thousands of suttas. Please use discretion.

The heading tags you can see in the book in the viewer below are just there to show the underlying code. The code you copy will display as usual.

Toggle ToC simply hides most of the content of the book. It only affects display in this app, not the final code.

Step down sutta headings will decrease the heading levels for the text. This is useful if you want chapter pages to be a level above the suttas.

Flatten subheadings to classes will change subheadings from h tags to p tags with classes for each level.

Include Refrence numbers will add the manuscript refrence numbers.

Convert <j> to class will replace <j> with <span class="enjambment">

English First puts the English segment first in the segment-pair span.

Add HTML page wrapper will add the necessary HTML so the code copied is a functioning web page, including some sample CSS.